Thursday, March 24, 2022

Shabbos Medley - Shwekey, Ungar, Yiddish Nachas

We're happy to present to you this uplifting Shabbos Medley featuring an all-star performance by Yaakov Shwekey, Shmueli Ungar, Yossi Green, Hershy Weinberger, Velvi Feldman and Yiddish Nachas at the "Lchaim and Nachas" concert that took place on Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5782, accompanied by Lev Choir and music by the Freilach Band.

Once again the voices and personality of Yiddish Nachas electrifies all ages with their uniqueness and talent!

Moshy Kraus - MK Production
Music by: Avrumi Schreiber/Freilach Band
Choir: Lev Choir
Sound and Lighting: Stellar Productions
Mixing engineer: Gershy Schwarcz
Video recorded: Flowmotion
Video Edited: Ari Levy - Studio On Dot

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