Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Shomrim Member Thwarts Attempted Robbery

A quick-thinking Boro Park Shomrim member foiled a robbery at a cellphone store.

A black male had entered the store on 13th Avenue and 46th Street and told the owner, a chasidish yid, that he wanted to buy AirPods.

The man asked to see the AirPods before finalizing his purchase, and owner agreed, handing the expensive earbuds to the man.

However, instead of buying them, the suspect took off, running towards the door as the store owner gave chase.

As he reached the door, a Shomrim member who happened to be in the area saw the chase unfolding, quickly grabbed the suspect, and pinned him against the wall.

Police arrested the suspect at the scene and charged him over the incident.

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