Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Let’s Join Forces to Save Little Faigy… Before it’s Too Late!

We can’t leave them alone!  

Please click here to save little Faigy…

I can’t believe that money is what’s keeping me from buying the food that my little Faigy needs to survive.

I can’t bear to think that her physical and neurological development all depend on the money that I don’t have.

I’m so lost, so alone… I have no choice but to turn to you all for help.

Because I can’t watch my baby cry from hunger and weakness another day. I can’t watch her grow thinner and waste away before my eyes…

Let me start from the beginning:

I gave birth to Faigy just 4 weeks ago. She was the most perfect baby in the world, sweet and angelic. We were ecstatic.

I brought her home, a little bundle of pink, never dreaming of what awaited us… Several days passed, until I suddenly noticed that not only was my infant not eating properly, but that her body and face were also terribly swollen. We rushed to the hospital where they commenced a series of tests whose results were shattering.

Please click here to save little Faigy…

Our little Faigy suffers from a rare intestinal disease that affects one in a million! My world went black; we knew that our lives were on the brink of change, but little did we dream how… The instructions were clear, and overwhelming: Faigy can’t eat orally since her neck is so swollen that she can’t swallow. She requires special formula that can only be purchased in specific pharmacies in the country, costs a fortune, and is not covered by health insurance. I watch her wail weakly from hunger, but I can’t afford to pay for even a fraction of the quantity that she needs.

No mother should ever know what it feels like to watch her child whimper from hunger and know that there’s nothing more she can do. And all this is before the surgeries and treatments Faigy requires (which are also not subsidized by health insurance) in order to ever develop normally! Only with these surgeries can she ever be healthy, happy and live a normal life, and without them, she’ll remain in mortal danger!

I’m Faigy’s mother. I won’t let her suffer another day! I won’t let money stop us from giving her the care that she needs—and deserves!

How many times have you just tapped your finger and saved a life? That’s all it takes to save my little Faigy’s life and become a partner in her future.

Please click here to save little Faigy…

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