Thursday, January 27, 2022

Cantor Yaakov Stark - Cantorial Classics, Z'miros Shabbos

The Best of Shabbos! Cantor Yaakov Stark Presents: Cantorial Classics - Z'miros Shabbos

In a special production by Meir Briskman, Chazzan Yaakov Stark presents a series of choice Shabbos melodies, in which he harmonizes his unique voice with the world's most famous cantorial classics - the Malovsky family and Cantor Oscar Julius.

Accompanying Stark is international pianist Menachem Bristowski, alongside the Core Music Collective choir, whose heavenly voices regularly fill the air at the The Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv.

This enjoyable clip is released and dedicated in memory of the legendary cantorial advocate and chazzanus benefactor Haim Wiener, President of the "Gila and Haim Wiener Foundation for the Advancement of Cantorial Arts.

Produced, arranged and conducted by Meir Briskman
Piano: Menachem Bristowski
Choir: Core Music Collective
Musical Director: Meir Briskman
Coordinator: Nava Sahar
Post production mix and master: Zohar Zaltz at Eshel Studios Tel Aviv

Video credits:
Production: Camelcopter
Directing, filming, editing and color: Yair Mazar and Sagiv Avramov
Gaffer: Amit Neeman

Filming location: The Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv

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