Thursday, January 27, 2022

A Memorable Event Celebrating 60 Years of Jewish Music

Unless you have been in deep hibernation for the past month, you have probably seen advertisements for the upcoming Jewish Music Hall of Fame Show, presented by Makor Care and Services Network. In an era where we are bombarded by an onslaught of hyperbole, stimuli, advertising, and entertainment, it can be hard to distinguish between real quality and plain hype. It’s a world of ‘been there, done that.’

But sometimes something big comes along, something really huge and epic, an event that grabs the attention of even the most jaded. The Jewish Music Hall of Fame Show is a one-of-a-kind mega event - you do not want to miss this one.

The legendary Sheya Mendlowitz, master of grand events and the original producer of quality musical performances has graciously agreed to produce this unique event. The show will benefit Makor, a comprehensive network of support, services, and care for individuals of all ages with physical or intellectual disabilities.

To Sheya Mendlowitz, this event is like a dream come true.

“I have always felt that there should be a Hall of Fame honoring the immortal composers and artists of Jewish Music,” says Sheya. “They aren’t just entertainers – they are part of the fabric of our Yiddishkeit. Their songs uplift us, they add to our davening and Shabbos tables, and even our children are still getting inspiration from their music.”

So, which performers will the Jewish Music Hall of Fame Show feature?
“That would be like telling someone what’s inside his gift-wrapped birthday present before he gets it,” smiles Sheya. “It’s more exciting when it’s a surprise. So, I’m not about to divulge the names, but you can believe me that this will be a Who’s Who of Jewish Music. No matter what your preference may be, you will find it onstage that night!”

Tickets to the February 27th event have been selling quickly as the excitement and momentum are mounting. The added incentive of supporting a worthy organization like Makor has prompted many individuals and corporations to sponsor the event at various levels.

Makor, formerly known as Women’s League, has been providing a full range of professional services and loving care to our community’s most vulnerable individuals for more than 40 years. As a true non-profit organization, Makor accepts even the most challenging situations that other agencies are unable to. Makor’s broad range of professional services addresses all ages and stages, from infancy to senior years.

“They are an unbelievable group,” says Sheya. “There is so much love and dedication that goes on in that organization – it’s a privilege for me to do this event for Makor.”

Tickets can be purchased by calling 347-304-0180 or online at

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