Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Siyum on Sukkah: בצלא דמהימנותא ft. Rivie Schwebel

The Original Song, Lulei Sorascha was released on Journeys III, Written and Composed by Abie Rotenberg.

Performed by Rivie Schwebel
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by fwd/NYC
Additional Lyrics: Malka Leah Josephs
Yiddish and Hebrew Lyrics: Rabbi Yossi Gleiberman
A Gershy Moskowits Production
Video Produced by Kolrom

Scores of thousands around the globe are completing Maseches Sukkah tomorrow. Learning Daf Hayomi has reached historical numbers in recent months with hundreds of new lomdim joining at each Masechta. Today, Klal Yisrael celebrates the 7th Siyum since The Siyum Hashas.

It’s hard to believe that The Siyum was only 607 days ago, and it’s hard to believe that those learning The Daf have already completed 607 Daffim!

The Zohar (Parshas Emor) teaches us, “When we dwell in our Sukkah – in the Tziela D’Mehminusa – the shade of Hashem, the Shechinah spreads Her wings over us from above.”

This special closeness, basking in the glory of Hashem himself is also experienced every single time we learn Torah. Rav Yonassan Eibshetz Zt”l taught in his sefer Yeeros D’vash that just as Sukkah is basking in the Shade of Hashem, so is learning Torah. Therefore one should learn Torah while sitting in his Sukkah.

This song is presented in tribute to the Lomdei HaDaf on their completion of Maseches Sukkah.

Those who learn the Daf live each day – learning in the Tziela D’Mehminusa – the shade of Hashem. Their entire lives, families and homes, much like a Sukkah, are elevated and transformed into a spiritual oasis, filled with the aura of the Shechina.

Mazel Tov.

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