Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Amen - The Scheiner Experience - Luzy and Meyer Klatzko

Composed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Performed by Luzy Klatzko, Meyer Klatzko
Produced by Benzion Klatzko
Musical Arrangements by Yisroel Ament
Video by Dovid Newman

In order to truly understand Monsey, one simply has to go to the "Scheiner Shul" on 18 Forshay Rd, and experience the warmth and acceptance in this diverse hub of our community.

As a person who has lived in many Jewish communities around the world, we thought that we had seen it all. Cleveland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, even Yerushalaim.

These are all wonderful communities with vibrant Jewish life. But "Scheiners" (the official name is Ohr Chaim) in Monsey is special. The best way to describe it is, that it feels like the Uman experience year round.

Four large, air-conditioned tents sit on more than a half a block of real estate. Every 15 minutes a new minyan begins. One is immediately struck by the diversity of the Jewish representation that has come to daven together with sincerity and kavanah.

On the premises is a convenience store, a second store for snacks that works on the "trust system" (There is no cashier. You simply take what you want and put the money in a box). A sofer to check and fix tefilin, a Shatnez lab, a beautiful mikveh, a coffee room, and a soup room which always has three or four different kinds of soup for the taking. It is all free. Even the cold bottled water is dispensed freely. Friday is chulent day and each week there are communal meals in the tents for people who have nowhere to eat for shabbos. Shiurim are constantly offered, and the multiple Batai Midrashim are filled with the sweet sound of Torah.

The Klatzko family is proud to live in Monsey! The kindness and passion of the Jewish people shine here in a very unique way!

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