Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Dovid Lowy - Album Sampler - Behind The Scenes

Reflect has two meanings. It implies a likeness, as a light reflects off a mirror, it is also an expression to look deeper. Both meanings were appropriate for this title.

These songs have been presented before, some of them more recently and some of them years ago.

The acoustic versions I present here reflect their originals, yet bring out a fresh and new sound which will hopefully cause us to reflect more on the meaning and messages behind these beautiful and classic songs.

The process of selecting and building these medleys has brought me through a musical journey of the rich and diverse genres of Jewish music over the ages. I’m so excited to share these REFLECTIONS with you.

Produced by: DL Studios
Guitars- Avi Singolda
Bookings -
Album Photo by: Meltz Photography
Video Filmed By: Shlomo Lowy (Yes, that's my son!

Download the album here

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