Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Raphael Melloul - Ma Hasipur - Music Video

The question was asked and now, it has been answered: Raphael Melloul, one of the most promising singers today, releases a new single, with a happy, rhythmic and lively vibe - "Ma Hasipur?"

The answer to the question is in the lyrics of the song. Our story in the days following recent tragedies, where we find ourselves at the moment, is quite simple, and that's the whole story. Faith, Emunah, joy and the removal of our daily worries are the key. Raphael Melloul offers us all the official refreshment of the summer of 5771 - a rhythmic, happy and graceful song "Ma Hasipur?" It’s impossible not to get caught up in the melody and hum it over and over again. Melloul has a very positive energy.

"What's the story/Ma Hasipur"? It’s exactly what we needed at this time. The song was born through the lyrics of the international lyricist/composer Miriam Israeli, coupled with the melody of Eli Klein, and musically produced and arranged by the talented duo of Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry. The exciting video was directed by the mega talented music and video producer Sruli Broncher.

"Ma Hasipur?" comes after the success of Raphael’s previous original single "Achakeh Lo" and "Aneinu". Aneinu is an impressive cover version that paid tribute to the original song by Sruli Ginsberg. It was released by Raphael during last year. Melloul is currently working in the US, along with his manager Shmuel Peer on an intriguing debut album that will excite us all.

Composed By: Eli Klein
Lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Arrangement, Musical Production: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Graphic Design: Gandel Media
PR: Yossi Zweig
Digital: Nati Badash

Script, Video Production, Directing & Editing: Sruli Broncher
Photography: Itzhak kelman
Lightman: Zusha Kaplan
Actual Production: Shmuel Peer
Actor's: Aviel Uda, Shlomo Meir

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