Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Nachmu Ami ft Akiva Gelb & Zalmen Leib Friedman

Tisha B'av and the 3 Weeks, the Bein Hamitziruim is a time that we mourn and cry after losing the holiest place on earth, after losing the Beis Hamikosh, the place where Hashem lived and held himself up and had it for his home, and after our misbehavior with not treating one another with honesty and dignity, Hashem was forced to destroy his palace and leave from between us.

But right after, Hashem told for the נביא, go and tell my people "נחמו עמי" go and calm them, and with these holy words the נביא came and gave over everything Hashem said and promised the Yidden. Then the פסוק in נביא says, everyone went out to the מדבר and it was ונגלה כבוד ה', the פסוק explains how everyone saw clearly Hashem's hand in everything!

Being composed by the young talented Avrum Shlomo Friedman, that besides spending his days on sitting and learning sometimes has some extra few minutes to give out his talents, and at a recent Shabbes Seudah at home young Avrum Shlomo started to sing this song, some guests that had participated including Aron Elya Friedman (AFnote) saw lots of potential in this amazing song and reached out to Producer Gershy Schwartz to take care on the rest, and that's where talented singer Akiva Gelb (that actually has a long time relationship with the Friedman Family, being beloved by everyone and had lots of Simches done as the singer) was involved in the picture as the production group reached out to him to be featured on the song as lead vocalist.


Composed by: Avrum Shlome Friedman.
Sung by: Akiva Gelb ft. Child Soloist Zalmen Leib Friedman.
Music Arranged by: David Taub.
Choirs Arranged by: Gershy Schwarcz.
Mixed & Mastered by: Gershy Schwarcz.
Cover Design by: Design In Brooklyn

A Gershy Schwarcz Production.

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