Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Uvmakhalot, Isaac Honig, Shmily Spira, Shira, Yingerlach

At a recent Dinner for the Belz Kollel in The Eminence Hall, Isaac Honig & Shmily Spira performed this beautiful masterpiece Uvmakhalot which was composed by Reb Shloime Kalish, backed up by the Shira & Yingerlach choirs.

This song was originally recorded on the album 'Tihei' sung by R' Yerimy Damen & his son.

Composed by: Reb Shlome Kalish
Sung by: R' Isaac Honig
Music by: Shmily Spira
Violin: Isaac Kessler
Shira Choir conducted by Leiby Fasten
Yingerlach Choir led by Shea Rosen
Video, Lighting & Led wall by: Neuman Media

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