Monday, March 15, 2021

From The Verge – A Musical Journey with Lipa Schmeltzer

The ‘HaKesser V’HaCovid’ event was a one of a kind historic celebration of two Sifrei Torah written during the Covid-19 pandemic by the ThankYouHashem movement.

We are proud to share with you one of the highlights of this momentous Hachnosas Sefer Torah. A dramatic musical journey by Lipa Schmeltzer showing the importance of thanking of Hashem no matter the circumstance.

The “ThankYouHashem” movement was founded by Ari Berkowitz several years ago with a handful of people who took upon themselves this mission to Thank Hashem wherever they are whenever they can, for whatever reason they can think of, for the good as well as for the seemingly bad, as the Mishna says in Brachos (9:5) A person is obligated to bless on the bad just as he blesses on the good.

Our grassroots movement has since grown into a massive group of thousands of thankful individuals who constantly find reasons to thank Hashem, we stay connected and motivated through various platforms where our members can share their own stories of amazing yeshuos which resulted from thanking Hashem, and they can get inspired by reading the stories of others.

The power of thanking Hashem is so great, that it transforms a person’s entire attitude into a positive one. This notion has already changed thousands of lives for the better.

Produced by:
Composed by: Elnatan Shalom
Original performer: Chanan Ben Ari
Music production and arrangement: Udi Damari
Lyrics and performer: Lipa Schmeltzer
Story and script: Chaim Gerlitz
Directing and editing: Elchanan Nusboim
Filming: Yosef Schlest, Eli Singer
Production and casting: Talya Taub

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