Sunday, February 14, 2021

Motty Atias - Min Hameitzar - Single

"A Hershy Leitner Production"

Motty Atias the composer of the popular song "Rabbi Ich Benk" is here once again with another beautiful yet inspiring song "Min Hamytzar" that will talk to and inspire every Jewish heart and soul.

Sometimes we pray to Hashem but we feel as our Tefilos are not being heard.

Reb Nassan the biggest Talmud of Rabbi Nachman from Breslov says; Never give up, have a little faith and just keep praying, because eventually you'll see and feel Hashem’s answer. Know, that our Tefilos never go unanswered, we are just too blind to see it sometimes. So we ask of Hashem Min Hameitar, from our blindness and darkness, Karatee Kah, we call out to Hashem... Anani, answer us... because we want to hear you!

Let's hope that this will inspire each and everyone of us who pray and pray and expect salvation. Yes! Miracles do happen. Hashem always listens. And the biggest miracle that we all waiting for already over 2000 years that God should return us back to Jerusalem with משיח צדקינו אמן.

Song Credits:

Composed & Sung by: MOTTY ATIAS
Music Arranged by: Hershy Leitner Productions
In association with Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgware Studios

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