Sunday, February 14, 2021

Chaim Gefner Prod. ft. Volvy Rosenberg & Shir Vshevach

So here's a video for you!

We're you looking to 'Get Elevated'?

With the new "7 Minute Dance" Music Video - ft. The 'Chaim Gefner Productions', 'Volvy Rosenberg' & 'The Shir Vshevach Boys Choir' - you'll simply get electrified, dot!

Filmed at a recent Sheva Brachos in Monsey where Chaim Gefner was on stage joined by these amazing performers, the energy that went down that night in that ballroom was so incredible, Chaim delivered such an amazing job on the keys, Volvy's vocals are insane filling the room with beautiful vibes, happens to be Volvy knows what he's doing in every second of this video adding his dynamics and falsetto pieces, then the Boys Choir led by Talented Chaim Meir Fligman they added the part where usually it comes an adult choir but the Baal Simcha of that night wanted specifically the kids to be there instead, all together gives an amazing blend of so many colorful voices, notes and tones!

So just sit back and take 7 minutes of your time, you'll thank me afterwards!

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