Sunday, January 24, 2021

Menachem Weinstein - Highway - Music video

This song tells the story of someone who was struggling to find the right direction in their life and then met a special person who positively changed everything.

It tells of the power of finding the right life partner who can completely inspire you and guide you out of a dark place, wherever that may be, and into the light. Meeting my wife was the most major, and effective, single moment in my life. I feel that this song reflects and describes that.

We recently moved to South Florida and one day I was driving down the I-95 on the way home from work. In true Florida style, a harsh storm and pouring rains descended out of nowhere. The visibility was horrible and it became quite dark.

Hearing the thunder and seeing the flashes of lightning, I tightly gripped the steering wheel as I struggled to see where I was going. Then another car, from behind, overtook me which made it possible to follow it's back lights and use them as a guide until eventually the storm subsided.

When I thought about that experience it seemed to compare with the time in my life when I met my future wife and the journey I was on then. A few days later, I wrote this song and presented it to the popular British music producer, Shloimy Salzman. His musical talent, and genius, can be found as it shines through in the amazing arrangements and production.


Musical production and arrangements by Shloimy Salzman
Choirs arranged and produced by Shloimy Salzman
Song composed and performed by Menachem Weinstein
Additional bridge composition by Shloimy Salzman
Vocals recorded at Markee Music Studios, Deerfield Beach, FL.
Music video by Munch Media