Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mordechai Shapiro, Yedidim “V’siten” AT Production

From the many hits coming from Mordy Shapiro's third album "Hakol Mishamayim', enjoy this heartfelt ballad, originally composed by Mordechai Shapiro

A magnificent musical production by The Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, featuring Mordechai, The Yedidim Choir, and a stunning fresh arrangement prepared by Shimmy Markowitz.

The piece highlights the harmonious blend of a soft beginning, where the strings and chupa like sound, are ultimately met by the full rhythm and brass section, expressing the full emotion of the song.

This is the second clip from the memorable Markowitz & Cohen wedding which took place on November 25th, 2020, at The Legacy Castle.

V'siten is a beautiful tefilah said every Friday night immediately following candle lighting, where we ask Hashem to grant us a good and long life, and request that He remembers us for the better by bestowing only blessings upon us and our families.

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