Thursday, December 10, 2020

Shazak Parshas Vayeishev – 50% Amazing Shazak Deal

Shazak Subscription:

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Thousands of frum kids grew up with the sights and sounds of Shazak videos and books: Queen of Persia, Out of Egypt, and Miracle Lights.

Now, Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz—the creator, voice-technician, humorist, and designer behind the beloved series—has unveiled the fruits of years of painstaking research, writing, and recording. The newly released Shazak Parsha gives parents and friends the opportunity to give the ultimate Chanukah gift, one that is bound to keep children learning, engaged, and entertained all year long.

Using a blend of audio effects, thousands of custom-drawn illustrations, cutting-edge technology, and a good dose of humor, Shazak Parsha keeps children riveted as they listen, read, draw, and play their way through the weekly Torah portion.

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