Wednesday, December 09, 2020

RCCS 2020 Auction Event - Live!

The exciting, action-packed event will be hosted by the renowned Chaskel Bennett, featuring the legendary Rabbi Bentzion Klatzko

A highlight of the inspirational and amazing evening will be an extremely entertaining Live Game Show, featuring host Mendy Pellin, and a panel of celebrities including Lipa Schmeltzer,

Joey Newcomb, and Yoely Lebowitz.

Over the course of the evening, hours of fun that await. All-star musical performances, inspirational messages, moving first-hand accounts of dealing with illness, and informative panels will keep you spellbound well into the night. It will all be part of the incredible evening.

The night will be chock-full of surprises and mind-blowing entertainment – for the sole purpose of providing hope and support to cancer patients in our midst.

Speed up and join the momentum by visiting or 877-332-2808 to secure your chance at winning fabulous prizes. The more you donate, the better the prizes you are eligible to win! And every dollar you donate will bring crucial relief to a distressed cancer patient. And who knows, you may just win big!


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