Sunday, December 06, 2020

Graam-Zitz! Feat. Leiby Moskowitz - Kumzitz

Introducing the newest addition to the Kumzitz field! = Graam-Zitz.
The Fire of a Kumzitz + The Soul of Yiddish Graamen = Graam-Zitz.
A Stunning VachNacht, An Exciting Bar Mitzvah or A Lebedig Sheva Bruchos = Graam-Zitz.

Keyboardist: Lipa Brauner
Percussion: Isaac Bernath
Woodwind: Menachem Friedman
Guitars: Efi Vanmesel
Sound: Shimon Shtrohli

Videographer: Motty Engel
Editing: Ari Levy
Stage Manager: Hershy Moskowitz
Creative Director: Shmily and Efroyim Moskowitz
Graphic Designer: Yanky Heller

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