Sunday, December 06, 2020

Chaim Blumenfeld ‘A Classical Chupah’

Introducing a classical and philharmonic chupa experience featuring the powerful and sweet vocals by the multi-talented Chaim Blumenfeld and a 14 piece musical ensemble by Avrumi Rosenfeld Productions.

Watch as they welcome the Chosson with Baruch Habah to the nigun composed by the Rivnitzer Rebbe and Mi Adir to the tune of ‘Habeit’ by Abie Rotenberg, ending it off with Yehuda Green’s heart stirring Im Eshkocheich.

Hit play and get ready to be elevated to a new emotion!

Habet - Abie Rottenberg (Aish Vol. 1)
The Rabbi’s Niggun - Mordechai Ben David (Ein Od Milvado)
Im Eshkachech - Yehuda Green

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