Monday, July 27, 2020

Small Plane Crashes Narrowly Missing Cars and Pedestrian

Two men survived a horror crash which saw their small plane hurtle more than 1,000ft onto a busy road and narrowly avoid cars and a pedestrian during a test flight.

The 2 man were able to crawl out of the wreckage after their plane came down in Guabiruba, Brazil, following a suspected engine failure on Saturday 

Terrifying CCTV footage shows the plane crashing to the ground at an angle and hitting a wall, breaking into several pieces on impact but leaving the cab partially intact.

A woman walking just a short distance ahead is at first unaware of the incoming aircraft but quickly turns around startled as she hears the plane heading towards her just before it hits the ground.

She stares on at the wreckage, clearly shocked, as a car on the road pulls over to help.

Miraculously, the light aircraft had managed to avoid four cars before it crashed upside down onto the road.

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