Monday, July 27, 2020

FATHER (Acapella) | Tani Polansky

(ALL sounds produced by the human voice)

🎧 Available to stream on all platforms-  CLICK HERE ⬇️ to save and listen to the song!!!

Video: Eliezer Meir (Markus) Cohn
Composed, Sung, and Prayed By: Tani Polansky
Production: Tani Polansky
Mixing : David Harin, Brian Forbes (Vocals and Choir)
Vocal Arrangement: Gedalia Penner
Vocal Percussion: Tani Polansky

Choir: Jacob Spadaro (Soprano), Ari Mandelbaum (Baritone), Josh Eisenberg (Alto), Mordy Weinstein (Bass)

Additional Bass: Mordy Weinstein

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