Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Tantzers Bar Mitzvah Truck - Highlights

The coronavirus pandemic is a saga that will be stuck in everyone's mind forever, the moments of the unknown, so many loved ones taken from us, a new era of backyard weddings, and children joining school via zoom meetings and phone lines.

Many parents have been planning beautiful Bar Mitzvahs for their children turning 13,

A Bar Mitzvah is a day that goes into everyone's calendar as a day of celebration and enjoyable family time, but due to the circumstances, they were all canceled.

The Tantzers, who are renowned for their amazing effort to bring joy to families in times of need, arranged a Bar Mitzvah truck that circled the streets to celebrate their special day with dancing, live music, juggling and much more.

In an unbelievable effort, we managed to cover close to 40 bar mitzvahs in one day!!

We had booming live music by Motty Breier joined by Kalmey Schwartz, and Sruly Green, a talented juggling show by Hillel Englard,

By every stop we had a group of energetic volunteers dancing and involving the whole street in their Simcha, of course, we gave a beautiful gift and a Birthday cake to Every boy.

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