Sunday, June 14, 2020

Meir Duvid Farkas - Yes Or No At Ato Chonein - Single

This beautiful new melody "Yes Or No at Atuh Chonein' was composed by world renown Hershy Weinberger as the first single release of an amazing album to come soon with songs on the words we say every day when we Daven Shemonah Esrei, to be released by Harav Meir Duvid Farkas.

Harav Meir Duvid is not just another Singer and Performer, or just a good Chazan. after years of being a renown Baal Tfilah he had in mind to bring us an awareness what means Tefilah, by releasing songs with Yiddish Lyrics on parts of the Shemona Esrei that we Daven 3 times a day.

Produced by: Motti Gantz.
Composed by: Hershy Weinberger & Mona Rosenblum.
Music Arranged Mixed & Mastered by: Shimmy Strohli.

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