Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Simcha Jacoby - Sharei D'maos and Odcha

Zemer Orchestra and Simcha Jacoby are proud to present this beautiful video from a live chupah at the Embassy Grand in Toronto. The video highlights two stirring songs from that event - Oidcha and Sharei D'maos.

Both songs are a special tefilah that together encompass the range of emotions that we feel during a chupah. Oidcha is a song of thanks and gratitude to Hashem. Sharei D'maos is a heartfelt bakasha to Hashem to accept our tears with mercy.

Simcha Jacoby (based out of Lakewood, NJ) 848-373-6563 sjacobymusic@gmail.com

Song Credits:
Oidcha - composed by Eli Gerstner, sung by The Chevra Sharei
D'maos - composed by Anshie Friedman, sung by Avraham Fried


Unknown said...

Simcha J has a beautiful voice.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! great stuff!