Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Shea Rubenstein - Hatei - Official Music Video

Despite all efforts, COVID-19 has engulfed the globe. We are confronted once more with the fragility of our lives, and again we are reminded of our common humanity and our common existence under one G-d. Growth in holiness doesn’t happen only when times are relatively calm and peaceful; often, we grow in G-d’s likeness when we are called to love in extraordinary ways, as surely, we are being challenged to do in these days.

International star Shea Rubenstein, together with youth sensation Noam Bornstein, propels audiences to beseech and seek out comfort and strength from the Almighty in their emotionally heartfelt song titled “Hatei,” which asks Hashem to have compassion for his nation and the world.

With the unique combination of Shea’s powerful bravado coupled with Noam’s soulful delivery, "Hatei,” is transformed into a powerful ballad, which strikes a chord to your inner soul. The song manages to faithfully portray the deepest emotions inherent in the lyrics, which originate from Daniel 9:18: “Turn your ear to us Hashem, open Your eyes and see our desolation, Have compassion for Your people ,have pity for Your inhabitants, please have mercy with Your great grace.” Despite being written in the fifth century, no doubt these words are applicable today more than ever.

Song composed by: Ari Schonfeld
Vocals: Shea Rubenstein
Produced by: Born Entertainment
Directed by: Zvika Bornstein
Director of photography: Avi Scheinberg

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