Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tefilot Shabat Medley with Micha Gamerman

Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman is back with a new Album - Shabat Oneg with Micha Gamerman. This is the first animated music video of the project. A few years ago Micha released 6 animated Medleys for his Moadei Israel wich became very famous with millions hits.
Shabat Oneg Im Micha Gamerman consists of six medleys arranged by Benny Laufer; 1. Tefilot Shabat Medley, 2. Leil Shabat Medley, 3. Yom Shabat Medley, 4. Seudat Shlishit Medley, 5. Birkat Hamazon Medley, 6. Havdallah Medley. This album has so much energy and flavor that the Shabat come alive for everyone, both young and old.

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