Wednesday, May 27, 2020

46 Voices, 40 days, 1 Mission

One of the ways we are encouraged to use our speech, is by opening up our mouths and lips to silently speak to our creator during the time of tefilah or when we find ourselves in the confines of Hashem's house. A select group is also given the gift of song and the ability to open up their mouths and sing Hashem's praises from the heart. Now lets listen to the words from their heart.

As many of us will slowly begin the process of returning to shul, please join the above Jewish Music singers and stars, together with many others, who are accepting upon themselves not to talk in Shul for 40 days. Through this kabbalas shetika, to not talk in Shul for the next 40 days, we hope that Hashem will bestow only rachmanus on all of Klal Yisroel that need His rachmei shamayim during this difficult time.

Please join in this worthy cause and show Hashem that we truly missed our Shuls and we are ready to return.

This Project was made possible by Aaron Teitelbaum & Shloime Daskal

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