Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sruly Singer & Zimra ft. Chaim Blumenfeld

Back in Feb 2020 before the world pandemic, A Chusen & Kallah booked Chaim Blumenfeld, Sruly Singer productions & Zimra Choir to enhance their wedding. Chaim is well-known with his unique talented voice & style, while Sruly has his own music production focusing on original classics combined with modern DJ. Zimra choir is famous with there harmonic & rich sound.

Chaim, Sruly & Zimra often work together. When notified they will be performing together at the wedding in Crown Plaza, Montreal, they called the videographer Moshe Friedman & his crew to film live the music stage filled with joy and Simcha. To give everyone a chance to "Experience it Live!!".

Each event/Simcha means something special, not only for the family but also for this music group. They’re always striving to get the right feeling, style, song list & music performance curated for the event. At this wedding, they created an exciting song list of new songs along with some other songs, “not so popular yet" which will be great hits.

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