Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Dovid Lowy - BaTACHTI - Single

These are obviously challenging times for everyone but it's important that we find ways to cope with the situation. For me, it was working on this song.

I was sitting on my porch contemplating how the world was just turned upside down- everything had been shut down and life as we knew it came to a halting stop. Yet when I looked up at the blue sky, heard the birds singing, saw the trees blossoming, I realized that it's all about perspective.  There is a lot that has remained the same. This thought gave me strength as I realized that the Creator is taking care of us and we will merit to see a salvation.

I’m always composing songs but I struggle to compose  lyrics.  For this song the words came to me naturally- because it was truly how I was feeling- and so this hopeful song BaTACHTI, was born.

Composed and Produced By: Dovid Lowy (DL Productions)
Arranged By: Yitzy Berry & Eli Klein
Guitars: Shimon Yichye
Vocals Recorded at DL Studios
Photo Credit: Meltz Photography

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