Thursday, March 05, 2020

Timcha thru Simcha - YY Weingarten - Single

Yaakov Yitzchok Weingarten always loved singing throughout his childhood and later in Yeshiva as well. What makes him stand out as a singer, is the fact that when he sings he owns it.

The cutting edge of singing today is charisma, of which there is no shortage in YY’s case ;).

Yaakov Yitzchok approached producer Gershy Schwarcz from Edgware Studios, who became his producer and is helping him evolve his musical career as a singer.

Nussy Landau from Harmonical Studios, a young musician with fresh ideas, who is also a good friend of Yaakov Yitzchock, composed, wrote and arranged this amazing and catchy tune “Timcha with Simcha Lechvod Purim. Together with Gershy Schwarcz this song was recorded mixed and mastered for you to enjoy...

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