Thursday, March 05, 2020

Jews in China are Suffering - Coronavirus

Please Donate

Just six months ago, China was the destination for adventure, travel, and trade.

A place where Jews of all journeys could come together around our tables, share their stories, enjoy kosher food, connect with fellow travelers, have a family in a time of need, ask for advice, and meet Jews from around the globe.

All of this has now stopped. Tourists are canceling their trips; trade is at a standstill and schools are closed. This Coronavirus has put our entire life, financial support system and resources in peril.

Thirteen Jewish centers need you, to keep this going.

Each center has been “the home away from home” for any and every Jew. They have greeted, fed, taught, laughed, cried, and welcomed into their homes; tens of thousands of guests like family.

We must survive this crisis. There is no other option.

We have to be here for the people with us today, and the ones who will need us when this tragedy has passed.

Your donation is essential to the future of Jews in China. We thank you for your donation, your support, and your continued commitment to our people.

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