Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stuck at home? Let Oorah help!

For the kids: It's the Shmorg to the rescue! Watch 90+ Shmorg videos, all unlocked for hours of viewing! Banish the boredom and bring on the fun! Watch now at!

No YouTube needed! Watch videos HERE

For the adults: Join TorahMates today! A phone-based (and germ free!) Torah study program which is enhancing the lives of thousands across the globe.

In a world turned on its head, there’s only one thing that always has and always will remain strong and stable. OUR TORAH.

It’s what we turn to in times of need and times of rejoicing, in times of health and times of illness, in times of security and times of danger.

Sign up for a TorahMate and gain that comfort and blessing that the Torah brings to the lives and minds of those who study it.

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