Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stop The Spread

We Are Stopping The SPREAD of Negativity- and So Can You.

A global pandemic requires a global response and tomorrow, Wednesday March 18th, with the encouragement and chizuk of Gedolim, a worldwide campaign is launching to join Klal Yisroel together in taking on a simple but powerful Kabbalah for 14 days as a zechus to protect us from all harm from the Coronavirus.

As the crisis deepens each day, Hashem is calling to us to look upward and recognize that everything is in His control. While the rest of the world continues trying to figure out stopgap measures to stem the ongoing spread of the disease, we know that it is only through Rachamei Shamayim that it will come to an end.

By accepting to not text, forward or post any hurtful messages for 14 days starting today, Wednesday March 18th until Tuesday March 31st we will send a message that we recognize the potential damage that a seemingly “harmless” comment can make. Parallel to the Coronavirus, we understand how the unchecked spread of such negativity can painfully impact individuals and groups in a very short time period.

Joining the campaign is easy by visiting or texting “stopspread” to 474747.

Together with our continued Tefillos, the merit of this united campaign should BE’H again turn the months of Adar and Nisan into a zman of Nissim and Yeshuos for all of Klal Yisroel.

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