Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Naftali Kempeh - “Ana Elech” - New Album Sampler

Shalom Vagshal presents: 'Ana Elech' - Naftali Kempeh is releasing a brand New Album!

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About a year after he stormed the world of Jewish music with an unprecedented successful album, singer and composer Naftali Kempeh is releasing a new and special album called 'Ana Elech'.

Within a few years on the scene, Naftali Kempeh has become a renowned singer in the world of Jewish music. His special style earned him a reputation for quality and many of his songs have become hits everywhere. Naftali's performances are filled with a crowd who appreciates the deep emotion of his singing.

Now, after rave reviews of his first album "Leyachdo Shemo", his second album Ana Elch is being released, another album created by his personal and unique work.

The album contains 11 tracks in different styles, with nine of them self-composed songs.

One of the intriguing songs on the album is a joint work by Naftali together with the world renowned composer R' Yossi Green on the sacred words of the Vilna Gaon Zy"a. And of course, following the tradition of the first album a song composed by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Z"l was included in this album as well.

The album was musically produced by the multi talented duo Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry who also produced his first album. The successful duo has once again created a unique musical arrangement, which is characterized by Naftali's songs.

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