Sunday, July 07, 2019

Rega – Freilach Band ft. Mordechai Shapiro & Shira Choir

Rega – Freilach Band feat. Mordechai Shapiro & The Shira Choir | רגע – מרדכי שפירא, שירה ופריילך

“NaNaNa NaNaNa Na..” Ever since The Freilach Band performed this song, it has caught on like wildfire. At any given moment you can find someone humming this catchy tune. It is our pleasure to present to you a glimpse of that memorable wedding at the Duggal Greenhouse where Rega was performed live for the first time by The Freilach Band along with Mordechai Shapiro & The Shira Choir.

This song was originally recorded by Israeli singer/songwriter Hanan Ben Ari and is featured on his second album ‘Lo Levad’. Its catchy tune is sure to make you tap your feet and sing along. So, take a moment, hit play and let the music take you to new heights.

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