Saturday, May 04, 2019

"Yeshiva Koichvei Ohr" - What We Are About!!

Our mission statement is "No Bachur Left Behind"

Moishe just finished his experience in his 3rd Yeshiva and is left with a bad taste just the word yeshiva gives him a headache and he is contemplating going to work at age 16..

Paying no heed to the Subpar environment he would be exposed to....

If all Bachurim were cookie cutter  robots, there would be no need...
What we believe!

Every Bachur can grow on their own terms,and thier own pace within reason,as long as they are in a environment where they are being setup to suceed , not set up to fail..and are therefore growing. And when they feel accepted and acknowledged  for the great talent each one surely  has,  the growth is rapid and infinite !!

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