Sunday, May 05, 2019

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Fire 600 Rockets on Israelis

A 40 year old man and a 22 year old man were killed Sunday afternoon from a direct rocket hit on a factory in Ashkelon. Another man about 50 years of age was moderately wounded.

Medics treated the wounded and evacuated them to Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon, but were ultimately forced to confirm the deaths of the 40-year-old and 22-year-old.

Another rocket hit a driving vehicle near Kibbutz Yad Morechai. Sources report a woman in the vehicle was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she has died of her wounds.

Blue and White Chairman MK Benny Gantz, who is now in the Gaza vicinity, ran to a bomb shelter with journalists who were waiting to hear from him about the deterioration of the security situation.

The Political-Security Cabinet is meeting at this time to discuss the escalation in the south and the possibilities of Israel’s response to the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Moshe Agadi, father of four, is the 58 year-old man who died after being critically injured when a rocket hit a building in Ashkelon on Saturday night. Agadi is the first Israeli fatality since Hamas began firing rockets into Israel on Saturday. Since Saturday morning,

Footage shot in the vicinity of the Israeli city of Sderot shows a damaged vehicle which was reportedly hit by a strike launched from Gaza, reportedly killing one person, on Sunday.

Israeli guards as well as emergency services were seen present at the site.

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