Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Handcuffed Suspect in Custody Jumps Out Window

A Wisconsin assault suspect has been captured on CCTV escaping a police station by diving out of a window head-first in handcuffs.

Quantrell D. Schwartzlow, 17, managed to flee the Rock County Sheriff’s Office in Janesville after being left alone in an interview room.

The teenager had been hauled from his classroom at Orfordville Parkview High School on October 18 and arrested on suspicion of strangulation/suffocation in an August 1 assault.

Schwartzlow was placed in the interview room on the same day ready for questioning.

Footage shows the teen heading straight for the window as the detective leaves the room.

He opens the blinds and pushes the window out before diving headfirst from 12ft up. A second camera picks him up sprinting across the lawn making his getaway.

About 14 minutes later, the detective returns to find the room empty and the window wide open,

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