Thursday, January 17, 2019

Nashir Beyachad Choir - Riboin - Music Video

"The Nashir Beyachad Choir formed in 2018 catering for boys in North West London. As well as teaching the boys the inherent joys of music and song, a strong emphasis is placed on the power and beauty of singing together as a choir, with many voices blending together as one, in a spirit of Achdus, to create a sound that is both rich and resonant, uplifting and inspiring. We hope you enjoy listening to what is our first recorded song as well as watching our first music video, we have certainly enjoyed producing this special song. We pray to Hashem that many more will follow this one."

Audio Credits
Composed by: Yanki Grochovsky
Music by: Avi Kraus
Sung by: Nashir Beyachad Choir – London
Choir arranged and conducted by: Efi Klein
Mixed by: Avi Kraus
mastered by: Ben Walik
Saxophone: Stuart Curtis
Recorded at: Mill Hill Studios
Additional recording at: Club H Studios

Video Credits
Produced by: Efi & Ricky Klein
Videographer: Dina Erlich of Raw Focus Photography
Video Editing by: Eli Netzer
Video Location: The Chapel Theatre, The Pillar Hotel, Hendon NW4

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