Thursday, January 17, 2019

1,000 Chinese Changing Railway Tracks in Six Hours

A team of workers have upgraded the railway tracks of a major train station in Chinain just six hours thanks to their eye-opening efficiency.

More than 1,000 workers removed the old tracks and laid new ones overnight at Xi'an Train Station, and no trains were cancelled for the huge renovation mission.

In order to minimise the impact of the railway upgrade on passengers, workers started out on the task at midnight and finished the work at around 6am.

The first train pulled out of the station on schedule at 6.21am on the new railroad. 

The revamp took place during the early hours on Tuesday, reported state broadcaster China Central Television Station, which also released a time-lapse video of the project.

In addition to the impressive manpower, directors of the project enlisted around 20 diggers, 500 handheld tools and a tamping machine - used to pack the track ballast - to help with the construction, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Workers also adjusted the traffic signals and a series of traffic monitoring equipment.

Xi'an Train Station is one of the busiest transport hubs in north-western China and handles an average of 60,000 passengers daily.

Chinese railway workers are known for their speedy work. Last January, a new train station in south-eastern China's Fujian Province shot to fame after 1,500 Chinese workers built its railway in nine hours.

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