Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Medical Supply Company Assists Affected by Shutdown

Two weeks ago, AvaCare Medical, a Lakewood-based online medical supply company, reached out to their customers, offering to help those impacted by the government shutdown.

Among the many customers who responded was one customer, Jamie Spinello, who wrote in that as a terminally ill woman whose only income is a military alimony check that hadn’t arrived due to the shutdown, she had lost all hope. At 5’7” and only 63 lbs, Jamie relied on that small check to pay for life-saving treatments and medication, but with the shutdown, she was delaying her treatments and wasn’t sure she would survive.

AvaCare Medical then sent her a gift card, and her story was featured on a local news channel. When offers for assistance began pouring in after the show, AvaCare Medical started a GoFundMe campaign to help her out – and the response has been overwhelming!

Watch the video, where she shares her heartbreaking story – and the heartwarming response she received in return.

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