Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Burglars Leave Empty Handed After TV Too Big For Car

Two burglars in Texas were forced to leave a home almost empty-handed after discovering a flat screen television wouldn't fit in the vehicle they had stolen to do the job.

Two suspects pulled up to a Dallas home in a stolen vehicle on January 17 and forced entry into the residence, the Dallas Police Department said on Friday.

But they didn't get the goods, because the SUV they had stolen for the mission just wasn't big enough to fit the television they had their sights set on, so they took it back inside the property before speeding off. Their faces were caught in full view of the security camera at the home, but the suspects have not yet been identified.

The two suspects pulled up to a home in North Central Dallas at about 7.45am on the Thursday morning. Both of the men enter the home on the 6500 block of Orchid Lane, and one comes out with a small rectangular-shaped item, and places it into the stolen 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

That man goes back inside, before both emerge carrying a flat screen TV out to the SUV. They first try to fit in the backseat, but quickly realize that won't work.

Then, they move around to the back of the vehicle and try to get it in through the hatchback. That doesn't work either, so the two men are kind enough to take it back inside the property before speeding off with whatever the first item was.

The whole thing was caught on camera by the family's video surveillance system.

The black SUV was later found, abandoned on the 5900 block of Melody Lane in Dallas.

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