Monday, January 07, 2019

Dudi Kalish an Orchestra Live! - A Team Production

Dudi Kalish creates an Orchestra Live! – Mir Dinner – A Team – Lev Choir - Shir V’shevach Boys Choir

Special guest arranger, conductor and singer from Israel Dudi Kalish, was tasked with creating a spectacular musical segment that would be truly unique and creative to be performed at the annual Yishavs Mir Yerushalayim Boro Park Dinner. Watch as Dudi creates an Orchestra live alongside the A-Team, Lev Choir & Shir V’shevach Boys Choir.

Produced & Music by: Yitzy Schwartz & The A Team Orchestra
Arranged & Conducted by: Dudi Kalish
Lev Choir Arranged & Conducted by: Aba Berkowitz
Shir V’shevach Boys Choir Under the direction of Chaim Meir Fligman
Mixed by: Chaim Mozes
Israel Concierge: R’ Steve Jobs
Post Production: Platinum Productions
Marketing: Moe Wassertheil - DatzMoe
Production Manager: Motty Jay
Filmed by: Motty Engel - Engel Studios
Edited by: Studio On Dot

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