Thursday, January 10, 2019

Decoy Deputy with Radar Gun Slows Speeding Drivers

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office brought on a new deputy this week that's cut out specifically for speed enforcement.

Drivers near the Fern Bluff Elementary School in Round Rock TX. may have noticed a life-sized cutout Tuesday morning of a deputy holding a radar gun.

Sheriff Robert Chody took a picture of one of his own traffic deputies and had it blown up to serve as a decoy in places like school zones.

"We want people to think that he's a real deputy," Lt. Gary Haston said.

"When [drivers] enter a school zone, they see him with a radar gun," he added. "They believe he's actually radar-ing traffic, so therefore they're going to slow down."

Sheriff Chody tweeted out a video showing the convincing cutout being deployed for the first time.

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