Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Boee Kalah - Yisroel Meir Schweid, Mona, Shira, Freilach

Yisroel Meir Schweid is not a new name to those working in the field of Jewish music worldwide, neither for those living locally in Brooklyn who were privileged to hear him as a shliach tzibur on shabbat or high holidays. For those who do not yet know him, please get to know this great musical character with his soulful, heartwarming voice, known as a great tenor with vicious control and coloratura.

Yisroel Meir, who's coming from a lineage of chazanim, grew up in a home where chazanut and nusach were his main musical influence. While benefiting from both chasidish and yeshivish characters, gives him the creativity to bring his very own version of jewish soul music. Yet progressively taking any song and interpreting it directly to your neshamah, sharing those delicate notes from his humble spot on stage focused to you, dear listener.

The event
Took place in February 2018 at an elegant sheva brachot in Brooklyn. The artist shared the stage with some other great chasidish performers, accompanied by the world renowned Frielach band, alongside the all time greatest Shira Choir, where all the arrangements were written and conducted by the greatest and legendary Mona Rosenblum.

The song
Was composed by Mona and featured on his album Mona 7. Sung by the world class award winning maestro Yonatan Razel.

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