Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Highway Bridge Collapses While Cars Drive Across

A bridge in the heart of Genoa collapsed on Tuesday, killing at least 20 people as dozens of vehicles and tons of concrete and steel plunged onto city streets below in a disaster that raised concerns about Italy’s aging infrastructure.

“The image is truly apocalyptic,” Matteo Pucciarelli, a journalist reporting on the disaster, told the newspaper La Repubblica. “It’s as if a bomb had fallen on this very important artery.”

The highway bridge fell by as much as 148 feet just before noon, taking about three dozen cars and three trucks with it, according to Angelo Borrelli, chief of the Civil Protection Department.

The national police noted that there was a “violent cloudburst” at about the time the section fell, and some witnesses said the bridge was struck by lightning just before it collapsed, though it was not clear whether the storm contributed to the failure.

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