Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Give Devorah a Chance


Devorah is the adorable six-year-old daughter of Shloimy and Malky Hoffman. A bright child she was born without a jaw. The repercussions are distressing, to say the least: Devorah’s face is severely misshapen, forcing her to breathe through a tracheotomy in her throat and to eat via a feeding tube. To make matters worse, other children (and even adults) are often at a loss for how to interact with her.

Although devastating, with your help Devorah’s symptoms need not be long-lasting. With just a few surgeries, she can begin a new life as a normal child. Specialists in Boston have the necessary capabilities to fashion a jaw for Devorah using bones from other parts of her body. A follow-up surgery would be required to insert metal pieces that will help guide the newly-placed bones and allow them to grow properly. Finally, plastic surgery afterward will help reconstruct her face so that the hardships Devorah currently faces can become a distant memory.

The problem, of course, is money. Besides for the expensive surgeries, Devorah’s parents will incur heavy expenses traveling to and staying in Boston. Devorah is their only child; a quick and clever girl, she fully understands her situation. Please consider helping out Shlomo and Malky as they try to give their daughter a better chance at life.

the money will be paid for Devorah surgeries and health coverage and travel expenses during the medical procedure.

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