Friday, July 27, 2018

Who Broke for HASC?

(Broke? hee hee) Who took a break?

KRM Supermarket, Mendelsohn’s, Skopps, Uncle Moishy, Avraham Fried, Benny Friedman, Yaakov Shwekey, Eichler’s Flatbush, The Buzz, Toys to Discover, Corner Cafe, LIpa Schmeltzer, Mendy J, Micha Gamerman,  Ami Magazine, Meilech Kohn, Do All Travel, Gefen Foods, Kedem Foods, Meal Mart, Mountain Food, and many more.

#Break4HASC fever has swept through the community as celebrities, personalities, and business peeps have all taken time out of their day to "take a break" and raise awareness for Camp HASC's $1 Million dollar CauseMatch campaign.

For 36 hours, your donation will be quadrupled! Camp HASC can really use a break, please show your support.

Visit: - You can also call in your donations to: 845.292.6821 #break4Hasc

Avraham Fried #breaks4Hasc

Yaakov Shwekey #breaks4hasc

Benny Friedman #breaks4Hasc

Did you hear the news?

Take a break and get out of the kitchen!

Skopps shutdown! (Just for a couple of minutes. 😉)

Mr. Mendelsohn bring them gates down!

The Pause to Keep the Magic Going

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