Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bnei Hamelech - Joey Newcomb - Official Music Video

From Joey Newcomb: I feel that we talk so much about Ahavas yisroel and the tikun that it brings, and I hope that maybe through the power of music, people may feel the need to make it happen a little more!

I wrote this song right after a mincha I experienced in queens NY when I was davening next to many different types of Jews and it dawned upon me that were all really in the same boat! I wrote the words right after that mincha.

The video was filmed in Brooklyn where there are many different Jews and in Israel the ultimate place we all want to be, where you can also find every type of Jew.

I'm sorry not every type is mentioned, however if I would have the song would be too long :).
I hope it brings a message of love and peace to our people and may we merit the ultimate redemption!!!

Composed and Performed by: Joey Newcomb
Produced and Arranged by: Doni Gross
Recorded at: DeG Studios, NYC
Video filmed by Zarbeev! (Israel) and Michael Apfel
Directed and edited by Michael apfel

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